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Waffles the Cat has had a great start and we've developed a good fan base. In the last 6 years, I've created over 2,000 photos and videos posted everyday , and Waffle is slowly becoming a fulltime job for me. We need to make this self-sustaining to keep going and grow.

Thanks for giving me the opportunity to create and share more content with you.

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What started out as just posting pictures of my cat has snowballed into something larger.

  • Camera Equipment

  • Computer Equipment - they have to be top of the line to edit videos

  • Props

  • Web Hosting

  • Photo and Video Editing Software

  • Newsletter Maintenance - this increases as the mailing list size increases

  • Merchandise - eventually we have to get a warehouse so I can stop living like a hoarder. As this grows, we also need to hire helpers to package and mail orders.


  1. Pay the annual listing fee for Apple store . Get enough supporters so the Waffles emoji can be free for everyone .

  2. Get the emojis into Android and make them free for everyone.

  3. At least 200 supporters so that publication of Waffles 2020 calendar can continue.

  4. At 500 supporters we can make a coloring book

  5. Anything else we can think of !

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