Q&A with Waffles

Q: How old is Waffles?
A: Waffles is around 4 years old!

Q. Why are Waffles ears like that? Was he born that way?
A. Waffles is a Scottish Fold and they are sometimes born with folded ears. Sometimes they have normal ears too!

Q: Where did you get Waffles from?
A: We were looking for a dog because we are originally dog people, and we used to vist shelters, adoption events and breeders all over the bay. One day we visited a remote farmhouse and  there were dogs and cats and every animal under the sun there. As soon as we entered the house we met a ginger cat that started licking our hands as soon as he met us and we immediately felt a connection.  He was already an adult and they told us no one took him home because he was ugly. And so two dog people fell in love with a cat and lived happily ever after!

Q: What does Waffles like?
A: He loves paper bags, boxes, strings and feathers. His favorite pastime is sunbathing and supervising us as we do chores around the house.

Q: Where did you come up with the name Waffles?
A: We thought for a very long time about what to name him and went through every name from Butters to Pumpkin before settling on Waffles. The name felt right for his looks and personality and we knew there and then that it was right for him.There was a period of about a week in the beginning where Waffles had no name because we were still finding a name!

Q: Why did you start posting photos of Waffles?
A: I had many pets before this and I never had many photos of them. Sometimes I would ony have 3 photos, at bad angles. This made me very sad and sentimental. When I got Waffles I made a resolution to take as many photos as I could of Waffles.

Q: How and when did Waffles become famous? 
A: Our friends asked us to post more photos of Waffles on social media so they could look at him, and it pretty much grew from word of mouth. We have a lot of cat lady friends!