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Here are some goals I’d like to achieve with your help

  • Waffles Coloring Book

  • Waffles emojis

  • Waffles app or game

  • more Waffles merch

  • more themed photos involving props like food, donuts, desserts, and other fun stuff!

  • and many more, based on your feedback!


  • First 600 supporters will get a Free Digital Sketch Portrait of their pet , hand-drawn by Waffles’ mum.

  • Every 3 months of support, USA supporters will receive a thank you gift , in the form of a merchandise such as zipper pouches, enamel pins, notepads and so forth. For International supporters , they will receive their thank you gift every 6 months because of shipping costs.

  • Live video interactive drawing sessions where you can make requests

  • Polls to make suggestions for future merchandise and posts

  • And many more , based on your feedback!


How do I claim my Free Digital Sketch Portrait ?
Fill out this form: https://goo.gl/forms/YLNjB81pMQXQGJmH2

How do I receive my thank you gift?
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