Waffles 2018 Calendar is here!

UPDATE: The 2018 Calendar is here and ready to be sent out! Pre-orders have all been fulfilled =) Thank you for your support!  Click here to order one before they run out!



Hey fans! I've compiled the 2018 calendar and it's ready for pre-order! Click here to pre-order!

Don't you think I look handsome? My favorite is February..or maybe ducky ...or maybe September! 

Pre-ordering means you reserve a copy of the calendar, and it will be sent to you when I get it from the factory sometime in November/December. Pre-ordering helps an independent artist like me figure out how many copies to print. 

The 2017 calendar sold out last year so I highly recommend pre-ordering yourself a copy! You can also get your Christmas shopping done early and feel superior, which is how cats feel all the time! 

For the most up to date updates on the process, follow my Twitter! http://twitter.com/WafflesCat